Hey there, I’m Tamy, FDN-P!

I’m a certified functional health coach (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner is my fancy title). I love life, but I didn’t used to, and my mission is to help you get back to loving yours!

Allergies suck. I know all about ‘em.

In a former life, I was a stressed-out, full-time working mom of two young boys. I struggled to get through every day while juggling being a mom, working and trying to live with unrelenting allergies, asthma, and persistent bronchitis.

I was exhausted and irritable pretty much all the time. It was soul sucking.

It was sometime during the dead of night back in the early spring of 2011. I lie wide-awake on my side, just like I had for the previous 20 months, trying to hide my sobs from my husband who was snoring beside me.

I couldn’t breathe through my nose. It felt like my mouth had been run through a dehydrator. I felt thoroughly defeated by the autoimmune attack on my sinuses that followed over two decades of progressively worsening allergies.

I’d had enough.

That night, as I lie there in my misery, the solo attendee at my dark hours pity
party I realized that it was up to me.

If I didn’t figure out a way to heal my body, I faced the grim reality that this illness would eventually take me out of this world and leave my two young boys without a mom.

I would miss out on all their major life events, and they would have to go through
them without a mom there to cheer them on.


That realization lit a fire in me.

tI made a promise right there in that moment of darkness that not only would I find a way outside the restrictive box of conventional medicine to heal my body, but that I would find a way to use this nightmare of an experience to help others as well.

That promise during my moment of darkness guided me to my training and certification as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. Through the use of some strategically selected lab tests, a thorough dive into health history, and actionable holistic lifestyle modifications, I empower my clients to uncover and FIX the hidden problems that are leading to their symptoms.

And so, here I am. I feel you. I understand your suffering. And I am excited to help you claim freedom from the allergies that have been holding you hostage and bring the joy back into your life.

I’m ready when you are.

Tamy Anderson