The Most Comprehensive Self-Healers Academy For Investigating And FIXING The Underlying CAUSES Of Your Histamine Symptoms. 

 The Histamine Solution is the ONLY implementation program of its kind that guides you step-by-step through the process of becoming your own self-healer from the inside-out so that you can have long-term relief from the symptoms that are sucking the joy from your life.

If you’ve been dealing with some of these obnoxious symptoms (check all that apply)…

you’re likely dealing with too much histamine circulating through your pipes.

Seasonal & environmental allergies. I mean, what even IS life without itchy eyes & other body parts and endless bouts of sneezing?

Rashes, hives, acne, eczema, rosacea…who doesn’t want their skin decorated with uncomfortable blotches & bumps?

Breathing difficulties. Who needs air anyway?

Insomnia. Sleep, who needs it? You can sleep when you die, right?

Anxiety, like I was saying about sleep…

Tinnitus, we all enjoy the sound of ringing in our ears

Urinary frequency/urgency, such a fun way to interrupt our errands & work productivity

Digestive troubles. All that bloating, gas & diarrhea make you feel so sexy, amiright?

Headaches/migraines, OMG!

Joint pain, we should just expect that as we get older, right?

Sinus issues…all those piles of used tissues

Brain fog/memory issues…remind me again why I walked in here?

Blood pressure fluctuations. Fainting is fun, and not scary at all.

I joke, but let’s get serious here.


You know there’s nothing funny about dealing with soul-sucking histamine symptoms!

 It’s time to make some much needed changes. 

And that’s why you’re here.

You might be thinking —

“I’ve already been to hundreds of doctors (well, maybe 5-10) and they haven’t been able to help me. They took blood and ran labs and scans and biopsies and endoscopies and…told me that everything looked glowingly normal. They suggested I’m just stressed or it’s all in my head. They gave me pills to reduce my allergy symptoms and to lower the acid in my stomach and the anxiety in my body.”

Trust me, I GET IT! I’ve been there. For over 20 years, in fact.

Which is only PART* of how I know that the solution to all your awful histamine symptoms is NOT more pills. It’s not one more body part specialist visit. And it’s definitely not throwing in the towel and saying, “Screw this! I give up!” Even when it seems like that’s the only thing left to do.

The 10+ specialists you’ve been to might not have been able to help you, but giving up is NOT the answer. There are simple, natural ways to heal your body from the inside-out and STOP your miserable histamine symptoms. And these natural methods don’t require endless dead-end trips to specialists after waiting months-on-end to be seen, prescriptions that only make the problem worse and lead to MORE symptoms, and worse yet, unnecessary surgeries to remove body parts like gallbladders. 

*The other PART of how I know this? I’m a trained professional health detective.

Hey there!

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Tamy Anderson, certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner.

That’s a fancy way of saying that I have advanced training in functional lab interpretation, building strategic and highly effective targeted protocols & lifestyle health coaching.

Having suffered from histamine intolerance for over two decades, and being shuffled from specialist to specialist only to become sicker and sicker with treatments that made the problem worse, I understand first-hand what you’re going through. My laundry list of symptoms included acne, chronic sinus infections, digestive issues, nuclear-level allergies, low libido, brain fog, urinary incontinence, & crippling anxiety.

If I healed myself, you can too! I’m here to help you get to the underlying root causes and teach you how to fix them so that you can get your health in check.

‘Cuz hey, you’ve got a life to live!

And we’re gonna have a bit of fun along the way, ‘cuz life should include lots of fun & belly giggles!

Wanna know what happens when you fix the underlying causes of histamine intolerance and heal your body from the inside-out?

You become the empowered, unstoppable badass you were put here to be…

You wake up each morning full of energy and looking forward to the day.

You eat without fear or anxiety.

You attend social events & eat outside the home without worry.

You have energy to play with your kids & enjoy hobbies again

You tackle your dreams & passions head-on.

You feel sexy from the inside-out and have the energy & desire for intimacy with your partner again.

You can be active & exercise again without feeling exhausted afterwards.

You could travel without worrying about a flare-up ruining your trip.

You put your best face forward with clear, glowing skin.

YOU are a sensational unstoppable badass! Your possibilities are endless.
And you’re READY, aren’t you? Ready for relief. Ready for freedom. Ready to start living again.
READY to make this commitment to YOURSELF.


The Histamine Solution Academy

Your step-by-step guide to becoming your own best self-healer, gaining autonomy over your health & happiness, and becoming the unstoppable badass you were put here to be.

How, you must be wondering?

You are going to implement the four essential pillars of my Histamine Solution Method:

Pillar 1: Nutrition
Pillar 2: Lifestyle & Environment
Pillar 3: Nervous System Regulation
Pillar 4: Detoxification & Targeted Supplementation

The four pillars are laid out in 8 strategically organized modules.

The cool part –

I’m going to be your virtual BFF, holding your hand step-by-step throughout the entire process. And when you implement each step along the way…you’ll notice MAGIC starting to happen in your body. 

So just stick with me, and you’ll notice those obnoxious symptoms start disappearing…like MAGIC!

“Finding an expert that really understands the struggles of histamine intolerance and how to address it, is not easy.

So many holistic practitioners will say they can help but they haven’t actually been there or they haven’t made it the focus of their practice. As a result, they test their hypothesis on their clients making the process way longer (and pricier) then it needs to be.

When I met Tamy, I thought “HALLELUJAH! Finally someone who knows what she’s talking about!”

Tamy has not only been there and healed herself, but she’s also developed a framework so she could replicate her success with her clients. If you’re looking to break up with your histamine friend once and for all, stop wasting time and work with Tamy.”

Caroline Frenette

Founder Journey To Glow,

Inside the 8 Modules of Learning in The Histamine Solution Academy You’re Going to Find:

  • 50+ easy-to-digest videos & accompanying audios ($1997 value): The fundamental educational material will be delivered in bite-sized easy-to-consume video lessons, where I walk you through the how, the why, and the ACTION STEPS! You’ll find an accompanying audio for each video lesson in case you want to listen (or re-listen) on the go. 
  • The Histamine Solution Food as Medicine ebook ($27 value): This comprehensive companion to the educational videos in Module 2, will help you apply what you learn in the videos. It will guide you through when & what to (and not to) eat and drink to reduce inflammation, jump-start gut healing and get faster results. Oh, and you’re gunna understand the science behind it all – without needing a degree in biochemistry. You’re welcome.
  • 20+ Guides, Checklists & Workbooks ($197 value): To support you along your healing journey, including a color-coded food guide to make gathering the food you need as easy as possible & a gluten-free diet guide to ensure that gluten isn’t sneaking its way into your diet accidentally.
  • Comprehensive Symptom & Lifestyle Assessment ($97 value): Complete this assessment before you get started and then again after you’ve implemented everything in the program to track your progress as the symptoms magically disappear. You can re-assess any time you want to check-in with your progress.
  • Foundational Gut Repair Supplement Protocol ($57 value): This protocol is introduced early in the game, as working on repairing your damaged gut lining is an important first step before implementing intensive pathogen protocols later in the program.
  • 4 Modalities for Releasing Trauma & Balancing Your Nervous System, including ($297 value):
    • 7 Breathwork tutorials
    • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tutorial
    • 4 Guided Tapping (EFT) scripts for releasing stress & trauma
    • Guided Self-Havening session to remove trauma, anxiety, fears & phobias
    • 17 Guided Meditations for dealing with stress, gratitude, worry & regret, relaxation, affirmation & self-compassion
  • Advanced protocols for detoxing parasites, bacteria, candida & mold; customizable to your needs ($297 value) After you’ve worked on repairing your damaged gut and getting your drainage & detox pathways working effectively, it’ll be time to serve an eviction notice to the unwelcome guests taking up residence in your GI-tract and wreaking havoc on your health. In Module 8, you’ll learn how to recognize clues for various pathogenic invaders, and how to safely and EFFECTIVELY serve them an eviction notice.
  • 10% Lifetime Discount Off of Professional Supplements in Online Dispensary

  • For an additional fee, you’ll also have the option of upgrading to gain access to functional lab testing, my professional interpretation & a custom protocol designed specifically to your needs.

In short, the program is expertly designed to walk you step-by-step through my system so you can pinpoint and ADDRESS the root causes of histamine intolerance.

Success stories from people just like you.

When you do the work and stay committed, the results you can create are extraordinary. Just imagine how much progress you can make with the proper training, guidance, and support.

“Tamy has been a bright light at the end of my dark tunnel and I would not be where I am in regaining my health without her. I’ve had chronic debilitating pain for as long as I can remember and thought I had tried everything. I now experience less pain, more energy, better sleep, and most importantly the best I’ve ever felt in my entire life.”

Carissa S

“I have suffered for most of my life and when I crossed paths with Tamy, I could not imagine how she could really help me, but due to the added pressures of being a Special Education teacher nearing the end of the school year, I was simply overwhelmed and desperate for any measure of relief. Tamy was a breath of fresh air and a beacon of hope to an exhausted, hopeless woman. I would come to describe that as the best ambush ever! She opened my eyes to the culprits hiding in plain sight and led me down a path of cumulative healing.”

Selena E

What is The Histamine Solution Worth?

Dang…can one really put a dollar value on an investment that will change your life?

The dollar value of the resources included in this self-healer’s complete toolbox…

The Histamine Solution is valued at approximately $2,969

What’s Your One-Time Investment? 


The Histamine Solution is a powerfully transformative experience that will empower you to change your life, your mind, and your health.

What’s Covered In The 8 Modules?


You’ll learn about the critical role of your gut on your overall health, and why even if many of your symptoms seem completely unrelated to your gut, they are very closely connected. You’ll come away with an understanding of how your digestive system works, the critical role of digestion in your overall health, and what happens when things go south with digestion.


For many people with histamine intolerance, food has become something to fear. In The Histamine Solution, we’re putting a stop to that. And we’re putting a stop to the guessing game.

You’re going to learn why a low histamine diet is not a long-term game plan, how some of the plant foods that you’ve come to believe are “superfoods” actually want to kill you, why meat is the ACTUAL human superfood. You’ll find out why fiber may not actually be what it’s cracked up to be & why cholesterol is more friend than foe.


Histamine and sleep (or…hello, insomnia), are intricately connected,

That vibrant energy you’re after? Sharp brain? Clear skin? Abundant sex drive? It starts with deep, rejuvenating sleep. Problem is, histamines are known to disrupt it.

In this module, you’ll learn WHY sleep is so critical to your health, and we’ll focus on how you can reset your circadian rhythm so you can sleigh those sleep dragons and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and unstoppable.


Are your breathing habits preventing you from eliminating toxins and keeping your nervous system in overdrive? Did you know that the way you breathe greatly affects your energy, stress levels & ability to eliminate toxins? Breathwork is one incredibly powerful tool for reducing inflammation, moving lymph fluid, increasing oxygen levels, and improving circulation.

Movement & play matters more than you realize and why it’s about far more than maintaining weight and fitness levels.

We cover it all in this module.


If your nervous system thinks you’re being chased by a tiger 24/7 (which is the case for most people today) your body won’t heal. Plain and simple.

In Module 5 we’re going to dive into the crucial role of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. You’ll walk away with tools for managing stress, releasing trauma stored in your nervous system, and strategies that’ll help you shift from fight, flight, freeze to a safe state of “I am ok.” which is the state you MUST BE IN to heal.


The role that toxins play in the development of chronic illness cannot be overstated. Sure, we can’t avoid them altogether, but we can be empowered to take control of and minimize our exposure.

In Module 6, we’re going to dive into the impact toxins have on our lives and how to eliminate as many of those nasties as possible without overwhelm.


Having optimally functioning drainage detoxification organs is crucial to healing, especially when it comes to histamine issues.

Detoxing has become all the rage, but the problem is, if your elimination pathways aren’t operating up to snuff (ie shuttling toxins OUT of the body), toxins stirred up during your detox efforts will keep right on circulating throughout your body. All aboard the misery train!

You’ll learn how to support the different detoxification organs of the body (Liver! Kidney! Lymph!) so they’re able to do their job of eliminating the toxic load that’s keeping you from achieving radiant health.


Yup, this is the part that most practitioners jump to right out of the gate, while skipping all the stuff we’ve covered up until now.

By the time you’ve reached this section you’ll have re-gained enough vitality to start evicting the unwelcome critters taking up residence in your GI-tract and wreaking havoc on your health. In Module 8, you’ll learn how to recognize clues for various pathogenic invaders, and how to safely and EFFECTIVELY serve them an eviction notice.

In short, the program is expertly designed to walk you step-by-step through my system so you can pinpoint and ADDRESS the root causes of histamine intolerance.


The Histamine Solution is a truly holistic 4-pillared approach:

1. Nutrition (Dial in that anti-inflammatory diet, baby!)
2. Lifestyle & Environment Modifications
3. Nervous System Regulation
4. Drainage, Detox & Strategic Supplementation

The educational content in this self-healers academy ensures that you understand the why and how, and  that you don’t get stuck along the way. (Not on my watch, babe. Stick with me and you’ll hit your goals.)

 It’s tempting to think that you can save a few bucks and try to figure this out on your own.

But is spending YEARS and THOUSANDS of dollars on the wrong supplements/diets/ medications/testing worth the cost of losing your sanity?

With the right system and expert help, you’ll not only save time and money but also save yourself the headaches and frustration that comes with trial and error.

Millions of people suffer from histamine intolerance yet only 1% will ever completely heal. Why? Because most people try the quick fix/drug approach (only to have new side effects and additional bodily harm from using drugs) or will try eliminating high histamine foods, only to make only so much progress, get frustrated, and give up.

The ONLY way to really move the needle is to pinpoint and address the root causes, and this is what my program will teach you: the how and why, as well as long-term strategies that will support you until you are completely free from the histamine burden.

No more quick fixes that don’t work long term. No more band-aid symptom relief.

Together we’ll get to the root causes (It’s never just ONE thing!) and start implementing the right changes.

The result is a true “blueprint” that will revolutionize how you approach your health for the rest of your life.

So, if you’re sick of…

Going from specialist to specialist trying to get answers, but walking out with new prescriptions & being gaslit instead.

Taking pharmaceutical drugs that don’t seem to help.

Spending a ton of money on practitioners who say they can help but, in reality, they know very little about histamine intolerance…

Wasting precious time trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together on your own
and getting lost in a rabbit hole of questionable or contradicting information found on Google…

Fearing that everything you eat will cause a reaction,

Not being able to do things you love because of the limitations caused by your health issues.

Feeling irritable all the time and having no energy or patience for your family members…

The cool thing is that by hitting the button below this sentence and making this commitment to yourself, you can be on your way to becoming your own self-healer less than 5 minutes from now!

Looked over all the details of the program, but still have some questions? Jump on a quick 15-min call with me by clicking here.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to see results?

This varies greatly from person to person. We all have unique histories, genetics & circumstances. This also greatly depends on how committed you are to the process. Those who go all-in and commit to implementing everything that is taught in the program, typically see results within 30 days or less. Remember, the method combines 4 pillars that work synergistically…they ALL must be addressed for optimal results!

Because this is a lifestyle intervention program, it will be very important for you to adopt the practices teach in the program as part of your daily lifestyle habits for long-term success. Remember that you also have the option of investing in functional lab testing to investigate hidden causes such as parasites, bacteria, fungus & mycotoxins.

What if I want to work with you 1:1?

Once inside the Histamine Solution, on the Welcome Page, you’ll find. a link where you can go to add on functional lab testing and a 1:1 consult with me. Then, as an established client, you’ll have the opportunity to book future consults with me as needed.

I’ve already tried SO many things & seen different practitioners. How do I know this will help?

Boy do I understand your skepticism! I’ve been in your shoes!

Most clients who come to me for help have already tried a lot of different things and been to multiple practitioners (including functional), but often they’ve been single-tiered approaches that have left out many important variables. It’s important not to leave any of the 4 pillars out.

If you’re on the fence, and you’re really struggling, I’ll gently remind you here that what you’re currently doing is not working, so why not try a fresh new approach with a histamine expert who has been there herself and will guide you step-by-step through the process?


What if I live outside of the United States?

Everything I teach in the program is applicable no matter where you live in the world! While all the supplements I recommend in the protocols may not be easily attainable where you live (in some cases they are), you can look up the ingredients and find close substitutes in your area.

The functional lab tests I run are available in most countries, and I run them with clients all over the world. But to find out for sure if they are available in yours, you can contact me at to find out if I can get them to you in your country. 

What if I recently ran some functional lab tests and would like your guidance interpreting them?

It depends on how recent is “recent”. If your tests were done longer than 6 months ago, I’d recommend a re-test because a LOT can change in that amount of time, and if you did some things to address findings on previous testing, it’s always good to know what other “layers of the onion” need to be peeled back. For example, sometimes parasites that were in hiding on a previous stool test will come out of hiding on follow-up tests. 

If your tests are recent, you can schedule a 1-hour consult with me, and share your test results via email ahead of time, and I will be able to go over them in-depth with you and develop a custom protocol for you.

This is your opportunity to take your power back and become your own best Self-Healer.

(It’s possible, I promise.)