What if histamine intolerance didn’t have to be a life sentence?

Tired of searching endlessly for answers?

Visiting specialist after specialist only to hear, “Your test results are NORMAL.”

Testing out different diets, solutions and medications…

Only to continue riding the misery train?

The list of symptoms that can be caused by a histamine intolerance seems endless!

From allergy & sinus issues to migraines to skin issues to digestive issues to brain fog to anxiety to insomnia to memory & focus issues.

Just a real, science-based long-term solution to all the misery.
Wouldn’t that be a relief?

What if you could FIX all that, once and for all?

What would life look life if:

  • You woke up each morning after a good night’s sleep, full of energy and ready for the day?
  • If you could dine outside of the home without fear?
  • If you didn’t have to avoid social situations & could feel like a normal person again?
  • If you had energy to play with your kids & be intimate with your partner?
  • If you had the energy to exercise again?
  • If your very first thought of the day wasn’t about how miserable you feel?

What if you had a real, science-based long-term solution to all the miserable symptoms that are sucking the joy out of life?

Wouldn’t that be a relief?

Does This Sound Like YOU?

It seems like the symptoms are all in your head because you’ve seen SO many specialists, had a ton of testing done, and everything comes back “normal.”

It seems like you’re reacting to every food you eat.

The itching won’t stop. Ever. Or the sneezing.

You’ve been suffering from unexplained digestive issues.

You suffer from terrible migraines or overwhelming anxiety.

You’ve developed “mystery allergies” that you just can’t figure out, and you’ve come to a dead-end with allergy testing.

You’re dealing with breathing issues, bouts of unexplained dizziness or ringing in your ears.

You have developed a strong reaction to fragrances or have chemical sensitivities, and the faintest whiff sends you into a flare.

You’re exhausted but just can’t sleep at night.

Friend, there’s a BETTER way to live!

That’s why I created The Histamine Solution! This easy-to-digest (pun intended) digital program will show you the root causes of your histamine intolerance and how to stop all the misery with simple changes to your daily lifestyle.

Are you ready to bring some joy and energy back into your life?

You can get started today for just $57!

Allergy Freedom Toolkit Image

The Histamine Solution Includes:


A revealing 3-Part Understanding Histamine and Histamine Intolerance video series that explains what histamine is and how it functions in the body, why it’s so hard to identify, my balanced approach to FIXING it with diet, and MUCH more!


Histamine Intolerance downloadable guide, that teaches you what a histamine intolerance is, along with several contributing factors that must be addressed in order to FIX the problem and get long-term relief.


​The Histamine Solution Method & Food List, that teaches my balanced approach to addressing your histamine intolerance with diet. This approach takes away the confusion and helps you to calm inflammation and your immune system.


Bonus! Symptom Tracking Detective Sheet to help you easily identify foods that might be triggering YOUR immune system.


Bonus! Weekly Meal Planning Spreadsheet to help you map out your weekly meals around your busy schedule

Hi! I’m Tamy Anderson.

Tamy Anderson, Histamine Specialist

I’m a certified Functional Health Practitioner with a passion for helping people live free from all the miserable symptoms that hop along for the ride with a histamine intolerance.

I’ve shown dozens of clients how to achieve freedom from histamine intolerance & allergies, and I’m also a success story!

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

My health struggles started in middle school.

As if puberty wasn’t hard enough, suddenly I also had a constant runny nose, irritated eyes, and bright red breakouts on my face!

I spent the next 20 years sneezing, itching, and coughing. I developed more and more health issues that SEEMED unrelated.

Brain Fog from Histamine Intolerance

The fatigue & brain fog were debilitating.

While my family looked forward to the season changes, I dreaded blooming flowers and fall leaves. The indoors were no easier.

Everything I ate, and everything in the environment seemed to be a land mine for my overly reactive body.

I tried every medication, 6 years of weekly allergy injections, and removed all the potential allergens from my home.

Goodbye, my sweet furry friends and comfy wall-to-wall carpeting.

Hello, dust mite-proof mattress covers and HEPA filters.

But my allergies & other health issues didn’t stop.

Instead, I spiraled into a cycle of chronic sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma, digestive issues, bladder issues, anxiety, antibiotics, daily maintenance meds, and multiple surgeries, all without any improvement.

In fact, the more aggressive my treatments got, the worse my symptoms became!

I’d finally had enough.

I discovered histamine intolerance and the ROOT CAUSES that lead to it.

and it's how I developed the Histamine Solution for you.

Now, I’m symptom-free and my energy is back – something I never dreamed was possible! I know how it feels when histamine intolerance symptoms completely hijack your life, and I want you to experience relief.


That’s why I’m sharing these resources with you today for just $57.

Get The Histamine Solution for $57

Histamine Relief Success Story

“This program is incredible! I have suffered from allergies and terrible sinus headaches for most of my life.

After 3 weeks of the protocol, my allergies symptoms lessened, I have less inflammation, I sleep better, and I found a way of eating that really supports my body without feeling restrictive.

I went from taking several over-the-counter medications a day to none! I’ve even begun to lose weight.

The Histamine Solution + The Allergy Freedom Toolkit really changed my quality of life, and I’m incredibly grateful for it.”

– Chassie

With the easy-to-follow set of guides and videos in the Histamine Solution, you will have the tools that have helped hundreds of my clients take control of the misery cycle and stop it for good.

I understand what it’s like to live with histamine-induced brain fog, so I made sure to get straight to the point in this program. No fluff or overly complicated steps to follow.

If you’re willing to invest $57, a few hours of your time and take ACTION on my recommendations, we can get you results!

Your Histamine Solution Includes:

My 3-Part Understanding Histamine Video Series, explaining the ins and outs of histamine, histamine intolerance, and how to fix it.

Video #1: “What the Heck is Histamine Anyway?”

Understanding what histamine actually is and how it functions in the body is an essential prerequisite to getting to the bottom of your histamine intolerance and understanding why antihistamines are NOT a great long-term solution to addressing your miserable allergy symptoms. This 13-minute video will lay the foundation for understanding histamine’s role in your allergy story.

Video #2: Histamine Intolerance Explained

When histamine starts running rogue throughout the body, you’ve got a big problem on your hands. This 25-minute video will help you understand what a histamine intolerance is, how to identify it, and the various factors that can contribute to it.

Video #3: The Histamine Solution Method Even healthy foods can cause BIG problems if you have a histamine intolerance!

This 51-minute video promises to leave you educated on why I teach a balanced dietary approach to fixing a histamine intolerance, what to eliminate and how to do it, the difference between a food allergy and a food sensitivity, and MUCH more!

PLUS: Histamine Intolerance downloadable guide

Dust mites, animal dander, pollens and foods are triggers that cause those miserable reactions. But why are they triggering your body to react so spectacularly? This 7-page guide, which includes a high histamine food list, teaches you what a histamine intolerance is, along with several contributing factors that must be addressed in order to FIX the problem and get long-term relief.

PLUS: The Histamine Solution Method & Food List

Addressing your histamine intolerance with diet can be downright confusing and stressful! My balanced approach to diet makes it easy and takes the stress out of the journey. This approach takes away the confusion and helps you to calm inflammation and your immune system. And my color-coded shopping list takes away the guess work!

Bonus! Symptom Tracking Detective Sheet

Each person is unique! Use this symptom-tracking detective sheet to help you easily identify foods that might be triggering YOUR immune system, so you’ll know to avoid them in the future. The good news is that this can change over time as your immune system calms down.

BONUS! Weekly Meal Planning Spreadsheet

Learning a new approach to diet and meal planning can be overwhelming, especially when juggling a busy schedule. Mapping out your meals for the week, while thinking through your busy schedule in advance, will help you stay on track.

Real talk: The Histamine Solution will put you in the driver’s seat.

× If you don’t want to take responsibility for your health…

× If you prefer a quick fix over committing to lasting change…

× If you would rather keep taking prescriptions than spend 3 hours learning about the causes of your histamine intolerance…

Then the Histamine Solution isn’t for you. But…

» If you can imagine life without brain fog, headaches, sneezing, rashes, and itchy eyes…

» If you can picture days free of exhaustion and irritability…

» If you can imagine nights of peaceful sleep and easy breathing…

Then welcome to the world of histamine misery freedom!

We’re so glad to have you.

Histamine Relief Success Story

“I began working with Tamy when I had lost all hope, as my health hit rock bottom.

It felt as though my doctors had failed me and my options were limited, until I had the opportunity to speak with Tamy and was given hope that I needed so desperately.

Rather than treating the symptoms, Tamy takes a different approach to uncover why the symptoms are occurring and evaluates the root cause, leaving no stone unturned.

She has been able to provide me with a targeted strategy that has made me feel the best I ever have!

Tamy truly provides an opportunity for you to take back your health!”

– Erica

It’s time to take back your freedom and be more present in your own life.

I know The Histamine Solution works because I’m proof. (After all, I had the best specialists in the nation completely stumped. If I can get past allergies and all my other chronic health issues, you can too! And I’d be honored to show you how.

I am so confident that my solutions will work for you, I’m offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

See results in the first 30 days, or I will give you a complete refund.

You’ve got nothing to lose but miserable histamine-induced symptoms!

I am SO READY for this!

When you click the “Yes, I Want The Histamine Solution” button below, you’ll head to a checkout page where you can enter your payment information.

Don’t waste another minute chasing the problem.

Start fixing it instead, so you can get back to loving life again!

Please don’t miss this chance to feel better – you deserve it, and I’m rooting for you!

Histamine Relief Success Story

“If you are tired of trying anything and everything to regain your health, I would highly and wholeheartedly suggest you get in contact with Tamy.

I felt like I had tried everything when I found her. In talking with Tamy, and hearing her share her personal journey, I knew I had found someone who truly understood what I’ve been through… I’ve felt supported, understood, and cared for.

Tamy’s energy, compassion, knowledge and empathy are unparalleled, and I would not be where I am in regaining my health without her.”

– Carissa

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get access to my purchase?

A: You will receive an email immediately after your purchase, giving you the link to access your membership portal with the videos, checklist, and guides.

How long will this take me to implement?

You can get started today! There are action steps that you can implement immediately, while others will take more time and planning. It all depends on how serious you are about making a change.

What if I can’t implement everything at once?

That’s totally okay and to be expected! I called this program a “Toolkit” for a reason: Implementation will be a journey. That trip is going to take some planning before you even get going. Once you’re on your way, you are free to set your own pace. You may even hit some speed bumps – don’t worry, I’m here for you! If you stay the course, you’ll arrive at your destination.

How soon should I expect results?

Remember, the Toolkit isn’t just another quick fix – it’s meant to bring you lasting relief from allergy misery. Your experience will be determined by the severity of your allergies, as well as other lifestyle factors. Some people begin seeing improvements in their allergies within the first week, while others find it takes longer. Your results will also depend on your level of commitment. Go all in, and it will show.

What if I need professional help and just can’t do this on my own?

You’re in luck! As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, I specialize in helping my private clients investigate hidden causes of dysfunction in the body. Using some functional lab tests and a series of questionnaires, I create personalized health rebuilding programs to meet each of my client’s unique needs. You are welcome to schedule a Discovery Consult any time.

What if I decide this isn’t for me?

I stand by my 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. BUT, I will also tell you that I am passionate about helping others achieve lasting relief from their allergies. I won’t give up if you don’t.

It’s time to claim freedom from the grip of histamine intolerance and live the life you deserve.