Eliminate the environmental toxins that play a major role in allergies, asthma, histamine intolerance & other chronic health issues with the Toxin Takedown Toolkit.

My Allergy Freedom Toolkit and Histamine Solution programs will help you address the internal causes of your allergies & histamine intolerance.

I created the partner Toxin Takedown Toolkit to help you address external factors that may be contributing to your miserable symptoms.

One of the most common causes of allergies & histamine intolerance is in the room with you right now.

(And no, I’m not talking about your beloved fur baby or microscopic particles of pollen in the air!)

Prolonged, consistent exposure to environmental toxins is one of the leading factors in chronic health problems, including allergies & histamine intolerance.

While most allergy sufferers are hyper-aware of dust mites and mold, the discussion never seems to include the dangerously inflammatory toxins in everyday hygiene products, furniture upholstery, and household cleaning supplies.

And what do the largest makeup brands have in common? You guessed it: They ALL use multiple ingredients that are on the list of the top 10 most harmful environmental toxins!

“Toxin” is just another word for poison, and we are unknowingly being poisoned every day.

Fact: A 2009 Environmental Working Group study tested the umbilical cord blood of 10 newborn babies.

They found 287 pollutants, including 180 chemicals that are known carcinogens. The study detected 217 chemicals considered neurotoxins, while 208 of the compounds are classified as reproductive toxins.

Those levels were found in newborns.

Now imagine the toxic load you are carrying right now…

How did this happen?


Before 2016, there were NO REQUIREMENTS that a chemical be listed for safety before going to market. (Yes, you read that right!)


​Despite over 40,000 chemicals in use with risk for human exposure, only about 200 have adequate safety data.


The FDA has no power to request safety data or recall products from cosmetics companies. That means no one is monitoring the safety of makeup ingredients except the companies themselves…

In other words, every day you are at risk of exposure to over 38,000 chemicals for which we have ZERO safety data.

And as studies have been performed, solid links have been proven between environmental toxin exposure and increased risk of multiple serious health conditions, including allergies and asthma.

Hi! I’m Tamy Anderson.

I’m a certified functional health practitioner, and I help histamine intolerance sufferers claim freedom from the miserable, unrelenting symptoms that strip the joy right out of life. (I should know – I suffered for over 20 years, running from specialist to specialist before finally getting to the root causes on my own!)

I know how it feels when histamine intolerance symptoms completely hijack your life, and I want you to experience relief.

Life doesn’t have to be a suffer-fest, and I’d love to show you how!

Information is your best ally in the fight against toxins (and chronic illness).

The Toxin Takedown Toolkit is a full partner protocol for the Allergy Freedom Toolkit and Histamine Solution, designed to give you TOTAL coverage against both internal and external potential causes of histamine intolerance.

Your Toxin Takedown Toolkit includes:

Video #1: Environmental Toxins: Truth & Consequences Video

Environmental toxins are not a hoax, and this is the hard science that proves it. In this revealing 14-minute video, I’ll walk you through exactly how environmental toxins became so prevalent and the effects of a significant toxic load.

Top 10 Toxic Exposures Guide

This must-have digital guide outlines the 10 toxins most likely to contribute to your allergies, including BPA, Phthalates, and VOCs. This solves one of the biggest challenges of limiting your toxin exposure: knowing where they sneak in!

Video: Top 10 Toxic Exposures Companion 10-Part Video Series

Along with your digital guide, you’ll have access to a helpful companion video series that explains where each of the top 10 toxins are most often found, what harmful effects and symptoms they cause, and how best to avoid them.

PLUS: Digital Roadmap to Reducing Your Toxic Load

When you’ve learned which toxins are the most common culprits for allergies, asthma, and more, it’s time to take them down! I’ll give you step-by-step directions to reduce your exposure and detoxify safely, so you no longer suffer from the harmful effects of prolonged toxic exposure.

BONUS! Checklist for Reducing Environmental Toxins

Once we reduce your toxic load and eliminate the root causes of your allergies, let’s keep it that way! Print this convenient one-page checklist as a visible reminder of the products in your home that should be checked for toxins, so you stay mindful and healthy in the future.

The Toxin Takedown Toolkit will help you create a cleaner, healthier future for yourself and your loved ones.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to become a stronger, smarter advocate for your health.

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