Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

Let me tell you why.

My road to histamine healing was a long one, with hundreds of appointments, prescriptions, and sleepless nights. If I had only known 30 years ago what I know now… it would have changed my life.

And it is my personal mission to help you change yours!

» I stand against the belief that settling for life with miserable symptoms is “normal” at ANY age.

» I stand against needless suffering from fixable problems.

» I stand against the “take this pill to treat that ill” philosophy of conventional medicine.

I want to ensure that you have the tools, step-by-step guidance, and support you need to write a new story about your health.

That’s because I have been there, and boy, do I understand! My own story of histamine struggles started in middle school.

As if puberty wasn’t hard enough, suddenly I also had a constant runny nose, irritated eyes, and bright red breakouts on my face. (Lovely!)

I spent the next 20 years sneezing, itching, and coughing.

Meals were a minefield, and I dreaded blooming flowers and fall leaves.

The fatigue, anxiety, and brainfog were debilitating.

I tried everything conventional medicine had to offer.


I saw all the specialists, took all the prescriptions, and even agreed to six years of allergy injections and multiple sinus surgeries. I also removed all the potential allergens from my home (including my beloved pets) and whittled my diet down to the bare essentials.

Nothing worked! In fact, the more aggressive my treatments got, the worse my symptoms became.

I came to the heartbreaking realization that unless something changed, I wouldn’t be around to see my two young sons grow up…

I’d finally had enough.

I decided that if my health was going to change, it would only be because I took full responsibility for making it happen.

So I started to investigate the science behind the escalating cycle of inflammation and overreaction that caused my horrific congestion, hives, and infections.

As I learned the root causes of my histamine misery, I also discovered that changes to my diet, lifestyle, mindset, and supplementation could solve them ALL. Once I had the keys, the rest of the journey was straightforward.

But you should know this: I never do anything halfway.

Not only did I fix my own histamine problems, I left my 18-year career as a middle school teacher to become a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner!

Today I’m symptom-free, with energy I never thought possible. (People routinely guess I’m at least a decade younger than my actual age…) I am also committed to helping others find freedom from allergies and histamine intolerance.

I know how it feels for health issues to control your life, and I am committed to helping you experience relief.

Schedule a Breakthrough Consult with me now, and together we will create a personalized plan to tackle your histamine symptoms and put an end to them.


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