It’s Time to End Your Histamine Misery Once and For All

I’d love to show you how to fix the ROOT CAUSES!

It’s Time to End Your Histamine Misery Once and For All

I’d love to show you how to fix the ROOT CAUSES!


It’s because your modern lifestyle & the environment you live in is out of alignment with how you were designed to thrive.

And it’s NEVER just ONE thing.

It’s a COMBINATION of things that together have created the Perfect Storm. That’s why single-variable treatments and diet alone just don’t work, and why long-term relief requires a comprehensive approach that addresses ALL the contributing factors.


Escaping the Shackles of Histamine

(Without Chasing an Accurate “Diagnosis” or Being Tethered to a Restrictive Low Histamine Diet or Medications For Life)

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Hey there!

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Tamy Anderson, certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner.

I love helping folks suffering from debilitating histamine-related health issues reclaim their vitality and get their quality of life back. Why? I understand first-hand what you’re going through because I suffered from debilitating symptoms caused by histamine intolerance for over two decades before figuring out how to heal myself from the inside-out.

I know what it’s like to be be shuffled from specialist to specialist in search of answers only to come up empty-handed and be given single-variable treatments that at most give temporary relief…but also make the underlying causes worse. My unique menu of symptoms included debilitating allergies, cystic acne, chronic sinus infections, digestive issues, brain fog, POTS, urinary incontinence, crippling anxiety/mood issues, & low libido.

If I, along with hundreds of my clients have been able to eliminate our histamine symptoms for good by fixing all the underlying causes, I’m confident that you can too…no matter how long you’ve been on the struggle bus! I’m here to help you get to those root causes and teach you how to fix them.

‘Cuz hey, you’ve got an amazing life to live!

“This program is incredible! I suffered from allergies and terrible sinus headaches for most of my life.

After 3 weeks of Tamy’s protocol, my allergy symptoms lessened, I have less inflammation, I sleep better, and I found a way of eating that really supports my body without feeling restrictive.

Her approach changed my quality of life, and I’m incredibly grateful for it.”

Chassie B

Histamine issues can be sneaky and easily misunderstood, misdiagnosed, or ignored.

Do you struggle with unexplained symptoms like these…


A racing heartbeat, shakiness, or dizziness, especially after eating?


Tingling or breakouts around your mouth?


Feeling “off” after eating leftovers or foods like avocado, chocolate, or citrus?


Getting flushed, congested, or headachy after drinking wine or a cocktail?


Sudden bursts of anxiety that leave you feeling panicked or jittery?


Skin issues such as rashes and hives, or even acne, eczema, or rosacea?


Bouts of exhaustion, brain fog, or difficulty concentrating?


Chronic nasal congestion, a runny nose or itchy eyes?


Digestive issues such as heartburn, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation?


Flare-ups after working out or traveling?

All of these are signs of histamine trouble, and they can strip the joy right out of life. If two or more of these symptoms resonate with you, it’s likely that histamine is an issue for you. 

The fundamental premise of my program is to empower YOU with the knowledge & action steps you need to reclaim your health and end your symptoms for good. And by putting the power over your health into your own hands, you are taking it away from the flawed healthcare system that has already failed you miserably.

The body craves being healthy and symptom-free, and when given the right inputs everything will fall into place.

So what do you need to do?

Trust yourself and trust the process. Even if you’ve been struggling for YEARS (maybe even DECADES) and it seems like you’ve already tried EVERYTHING…trust that by following the steps outlined for you in the Histamine Solution, better days are in your future.

Yup. There IS hope. You can finally eliminate histamine symptoms for good.

I’m confident about this because I’ve been there myself, and not only did I heal my own body from the inside-out, I’ve helped hundreds of others with similar struggles do the same.

My struggles with histamine intolerance & MCAS misery lasted for decades, getting worse and worse over time. Managing my symptoms was a full-time job and impacted every single aspect of my life…my work, my personal relationships, my social life, my energy, my moods, my sleep, my confidence…ALL OF IT! 

I understand how deeply discouraging it can be to shuffle through all the specialists & even holistic practitioners, the growing list of medications, constantly trying to identify triggers and “safe” foods, & the endless dives down the Internet Rabbit Hole trying to piece together answers. I hit rock bottom before I literally changed careers in order to find answers.

But here’s the awesome news: If hundreds of my clients and I have been able to get rid of our histamine issues, yup…YOU can too (even if you’ve been struggling for DECADES)! And I’m excited to show you the way.

“I began working with Tamy when I had lost all hope. Rather than treating the symptoms, Tamy takes a different approach to uncover why the symptoms are occurring and evaluates the root cause, leaving no stone unturned.

She has been able to provide me with a targeted strategy that has made me feel the best I ever have!”

Erica A.

No more guesswork or going it alone.

Because Histamine Intolerance & MCAS are complex situations with multiple contributing causative factors, there is simply NO QUICK-FIX.

It’s never just ONE thing.
Instead, it’s multiple things that create the perfect storm. And that’s why there’s no magic pill or supplement that will end your woes. It’s why, if you’ve tried a low histamine diet, you might feel better while you’re on it, but add high-histamine foods back in, and hello misery my old friend!

For a complex problem, you need a comprehensive, holistic, and functional solution. One that addresses not just ONE factor, but ALL the factors.
And that’s what my clients and students learn to do with the Histamine Solution Method…empowering themselves to be in charge of their own health…FOR LIFE!

Stop settling for the fear, pain, worry and limitations from awful histamine symptoms.  It’s time to take back control over your own health and live the LIMITLESS life you were put here to live.

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