How I Work With Clients

I work with motivated clients who are not afraid to step up and take charge of their own health.

We are a good fit if you are ready to dig deep into diet and lifestyle changes, guided by functional testing and the no-nonsense (yet loving) mentorship necessary to break free from your miserable symptoms.

No guesswork or band aid solutions involved! We will get to the root causes of your symptoms and make a personalized, science-based plan that resolves imbalances in your gut, immune system, and mindset.

Are you ready to end your histamine misery and take back your health?

My own struggle with histamines didn’t end until I took the initiative to address my whole body and mind to craft a customized plan that met my unique needs.

Whether you choose premiere 1:1 coaching, group coaching, or my online programs, I will provide the tailored resources and support you need to understand your health challenges, then empower you to end them.


Together, we will address four main areas:


Functional Testing

A suite of diagnostic labs will help us uncover nutrient deficiencies, gut issues, toxic burdens, adrenal dysfunction, or hormone imbalances contributing to your symptoms, so we can create a custom roadmap to address them.



Diet is absolutely essential to stabilizing your body’s histamine response. I will help you identify the foods triggering your symptoms and make changes to calm and restore your digestive and immune systems.



Your stress, sleep, activity levels, and environment all play a significant role in your histamine response. By supporting your body in rest and detoxification, we can help renew your energy and end the cycle of inflammation that causes histamine issues.



Health challenges can cause you to function from a place of scarcity and fear. In turn, that anxiety causes hormonal shifts that worsen histamine issues. I will show you new tools and routines to break that cycle and shift to a joyful, growth-oriented mindset.

Don’t let histamine struggles rob you of your freedom and fulfillment. It’s time to solve your symptoms and embrace healing!

Our work together will require an investment of time, money, and energy.

Yep, I said it. My programs are not for everyone. If the most you are willing to do is add another bottle of pills to your counter, then this is not the solution for you.

But if you are ready to…

  • Communicate honestly about your needs and challenges
  • Understand how the systems in your body function together
  • Make smart, healing changes to your diet
  • Adjust your daily habits to create a happier, healthier lifestyle
  • Show yourself the compassion and attention you deserve

…Then I will support you every step of the way!

The first step is to book a call, where I can help you determine the program that is the right fit for your symptoms, goals, and finances.

I offer a variety of coaching, from online programs you can complete independently to fully personalized one-on-one attention.

I will be encouraging you to invest in yourself and your health when we speak. That’s because I understand the long-term cost of letting histamine symptoms hijack your life. Beyond growing hospital bills, the constant stress, missed opportunities, and physical misery carry FAR too high a price for you and your loved ones.

That said, I promise there will never be a hard sell. I am a health coach, not a salesperson, and I will only offer you solutions that are genuinely right for you.


Showing clients how to end their histamine suffering is more than my profession – it is my passion and motivation. If you are ready to stop your histamine symptoms for good, please book a call now. I can’t wait to get to know you!

“Finding an expert that really understands the struggles of histamine intolerance and how to address it, is not easy.

So many holistic practitioners will say they can help but they haven’t actually been there or they haven’t made it the focus of their practice. As a result, they test their hypothesis on their clients making the process way longer (and pricier) then it needs to be.

When I met Tamy, I thought “HALLELUJAH! Finally someone who knows what she’s talking about!”

Tamy has not only been there and healed herself, but she’s also developed a framework so she could replicate her success with her clients. If you’re looking to break up with your histamine friend once and for all, stop wasting time and work with Tamy.”

Caroline Frenette
Founder Journey To Glow