Life is so busy these days, right? We’re all running like hamsters on wheels…stumbling out of bed and into our days on auto-pilot…reach for phone…scroll social media…tackle our to-do lists…scroll social media…run the errands…scroll social media…fall into bed exhausted, feeling like we just didn’t accomplish what we set out to do. Worrying about all the things that went awry. Wondering why we didn’t get done all we set out to do. Wondering why we’re not where we want to be with our health and in our lives. 

But how might we feel more happiness and fulfillment in our lives if we created better habits to start our days on solid ground and with a positive state of mind? Habits that would allow us to live with more intention and purpose? How would this lead us to achieve those dreams, become healthier and feel more satisfied with our lives at the end of each day?

Here are 7 morning habits to shift your energy and your mindset so that you can end your days feeling happier, more fulfilled, less stressed and closer to achieving your goals:

  1. Think of something you’re grateful for to start your day. You woke up, right? You’re breathing air into your lungs and you have an opportunity for a new day! 
  2. Don’t check your phone (texts/emails/social media) right away. This is a distraction that takes a withdrawl from your decision-making bank account for the day and you’ve only got so much in the account. Don’t bankrupt yourself before you’ve even left the mattress (or the toilet). This habit also puts other people’s priorities in front of your own. Be the boss of your own priorities!
  3. Think of three things that were a WIN from yesterday. Focus your mind on what went RIGHT, not what went wrong. Our brains tend to focus on the negative instead of the positive! When we begin our day in a positive mindset thinking about things that went RIGHT yesterday, we shift our thinking in the positive direction, setting ourselves up for a more positive day ahead. Attitude is everything!
  4. Think about three wins that can happen today. What can you do today that you can end your day feeling like a badass about? Spend a few moments visualizing in your mind’s eye what this will look like and how you will feel. When you begin your day thinking about the wins you can set out to make, you’re putting your focus on what can go right instead of what can go wrong, which influences happiness and builds motivation and momentum!
  5. Expose your eyes to natural light as soon as possible to stimulate the production of the brain neurotransmitter serotonin. This will help to stimulate your energy and will help you achieve a better night’s sleep tonight! With our exposure to so much artificial junk light, our circadian rhythms (sleep-wake cycle) get confused, so exposing your eyes to natural light as soon after waking as possible will help to reset your natural sleep-wake cycle.
  6. Drink 12-16 ounces of pure, filtered water. I know you’ve already heard this, but sheesh, sometimes we need LOTS of reminders! Drinking water first thing in the morning is helpful in several ways, but I’d like to point out three biggies here. First, it will rehydrate the body after your several hour period of slumber. Second, it will help you feel more alive and alert because you’ve rehydrated those cells! Third, while you are sleeping, your body goes into repair and recovery mode, and drinking water first thing in the morning will help your immune system flush out those toxins.
  7. Poop! If this isn’t happening every single day, then Houston, we have a problem! And I can help you resolve that problem. Sorry…just had to throw that in there! 😉 But I am really serious here. Daily elimination is ESSENTIAL to good health. So many of my personal clients and people I talk to report that they only poop every other day or every third day even. Because this has been such a long-term issue, people assume that it’s just “normal” for them. I am here to tell you that this is not normal for anyone! And yes, that includes YOU! Like I always say, just because something is common does not make it normal! Pooping is one of the ways our body has of eliminating waste products from the body, and if it sits in our colon for an extended period instead of being eliminated, those toxins are being reabsorbed back into the bloodstream. No bueno because this sets you up for downstream health issues!

Remember, a habit only becomes a habit after consistent, repeated practice. You can’t try something once and proclaim that it didn’t work! If you commit to incorporating these habits into your morning, 30 days from now, you will be feeling like a new person. 

So give it a try! Write these seven habits down on a sticky note near your bed to remind yourself each night before you close your eyes what you will do when you open them again. I’d love to hear your results in the comments!

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