It’s one of those things that slowly creeps up on us and expands around us as life gets busy. Before we know it our work space is surrounded by it, we’re surrounded by it in our cars, and in our living spaces.

Did you know that clutter and having an over-abundance of “stuff” is also a source of STRESS in our lives? And did you know that #stress is a contributing factor in chronic health conditions?

When you declutter your space, whether that be getting rid of clothes you no longer wear, those stacks of papers and magazines that mount up over time, excessive kitchen gadgets you don’t use, towels that have more than served their purpose, etc., you are actually detoxifying your life and freeing your mind to be more open to creative thought and…you are reducing the stress in your life!

I love the minimalist lifestyle I’ve adopted having gone through literally every item in my home and evaluated what REALLY matters to me to keep in my space. It has been a transformative experience.

One method I have adopted to keeping clutter at bay is not bringing excess stuff into the house. When I check my mail, I quickly sort it at the mailbox and determine what is necessary to bring into the house and attend to, and which items go immediately into the nearest recycling container. It takes less than 60 seconds to do this sorting and prevents unnecessary stacks of papers/fliers to sort through later.

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