Maple and I were out today on our continued “Operation Bring Smiles to the World” mission. This time on a busy local hiking trail.

We met @gordo_1_ who asked to snap a photo. He said he’d crop my face out, but I assured him that was unnecessary. Nice to meet you on the trail @gordo_1_, and I’m glad Maple and I brought you a smile today!

Want to feel happier? There’s a sure fire way to get there. Just follow these five simple steps:

Step 1: Get yourself a miniature dog. One that looks like a real live Teddy Bear.

Step 2: Buy a front pack carrier for your new miniature dog (available on Amazon).

Step 3: Go out in public wearing your dog in the front pack carrier where you’ll be seen by your fellow humans. Anyplace will do… the grocery store, a mall, a park, a hiking trail.

Step 4: Make eye contact with your fellow humans as they pass by and watch them smile with their entire faces. Some will even laugh. Some will laugh and point.

Step 5: Smile back and be kind! Be willing to make quick small talk when someone wants to ask about your irresistibly cute Teddy Bear dog. Rejoice in the fact that you brought smiles to lots of other faces and consider the possibility that you may have sparked joy in someone who was having difficulty finding it.

In all seriousness, smiles and kindness are free, and they are both gifts you can offer the world each and every day. You probably don’t need to get yourself a miniature dog (although I assure you you’re bound to feel happier). Next time you are out in public, I challenge you to forget briefly about all the things that are cluttering your mind and your to-do list and be present. Make eye-contact with your fellow humans and flash them your brightest smile when you pass by. You might just brighten someone’s entire day.

As I always say, true health goes well beyond what you choose to put in your mouth and getting daily exercise. It is your entire state of being, including the thoughts you allow to take up space in your mind as well as your actions.

Spread love. Spread joy. Be generous with your smiles.

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