Jumping on a mini-trampoline, also known as rebounding, is part of the protocol I’ve been using for healing my body after my recent mold poisoning. Actually, rebounding is an activity that I’ve incorporated into my daily healthy living routine. It’s something I recommend to my clients who are recovering from chronic health issues as well. And it is SO MUCH FUN!

You must be wondering how in the world jumping on a mini trampoline can have anything to do with healing from illness. The list of health benefits that come with rebounding is quite extensive, and have been shown with studies on NASA astronauts.

Check out this short video, where I share 7 key benefits to rebounding. I think everyone should have a mini-trampoline in their living rooms! Here’s a link to the rebounder I have, but if you have balance issues, be sure to get one that has a support bar. No matter what, invest in a high quality rebounder that is durable and has a soft landing pad. My kids, who were young at the time, broke a leg off of the first rebounder I purchased years ago because I went cheap. No bueno! Quality matters! And of course, always check with your healthcare professional before implementing any exercise routine.

Each day in less in ten minutes I get my lymphatic system moving, my heart pumping, and my mood lifted. And it’s fun!

If this post inspires you to purchase your own rebounding trampoline, I would love to hear about your experience in the comments!