“The most important part of your environment to be conscious of is the people you surround yourself with.“ Jen Sincero

Do you ever just sit back and marvel at how #blessed you are by the people in your life? If not, perhaps you should consider one or both of the following:
A) Ask yourself if you’re showing up as the person you really want to be in this world. If the answer is no, fix that problem.
B) Find yourself some new friends.

This bouquet was sent to me by Martha, one of my dearest friends yesterday on the anniversary of my husband’s death. The delivery could not have come at a better (or worse, depending on your #perspective ) moment, and composing myself when opening the door just wasn’t gunna happen. The poor delivery lady.

Martha is truly one of the best human beings on the entire planet. #generous #loving #thoughtful #kind #selfless. One of those people who just makes you want to be a better version of yourself. When I was really, really sick from 2009-2011, I credit Martha for getting me through the really rough days, and possibly why I’m still here today. She would always call at just the right moment and say, “Let’s go for a walk.” The story she tells of how our friendship began is quite different than mine (which I’ve never told her). Uh, Martha…

Her (abbreviated) version goes something like this: “I stalked you for months because you were cool and I wanted to run with you, but you kept giving me the cold shoulder and saying you were more of a solo runner.”

My entirely accurate version goes like this: “I’m not good enough to have you as a friend, and if I hang out with you, you’ll find out I’m a fraud.” But Martha is a tenacious little beast, so I finally had to allow myself to be #vulnerable enough to hang out with her. To do so, I had to believe that I was #enough and to take the advice I offer in A above. Thank you Martha, for being you, and for being there on my #journey to becoming the best version of me. Who are the Marthas in your life?

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