Babies, babies, babies!

I just love getting messages like this from clients I’ve worked with! It is so rewarding to be a part of such monumental improvements in people’s lives!

When this client initially came to me prior to becoming pregnant, she had a very long list of health symptoms, did not feel good in her body (both physically and emotionally), had a very poor body image, engaged in a lot of self-loathing fueled by guilt and negative thought patterns, felt angry most of the time, and had been on hormonal birth control for YEARS (wreaks HAVOC on your hormones, gut, and health). We worked on optimizing her diet, improving #sleep quality, practicing #selflove, #stress management, did some lab tests to figure out what was going on in her body causing all the symptoms, and worked on healing her gut.

She was ALL IN on the idea of improving her health and being who she wanted to show up as in this world. I provided the guidance, support and resources…SHE did the WORK.
And how lucky her beautiful baby is to have come into this world with a “leg up” on health…born to a healthy mommy who feels good in her body and has the energy both physically and emotionally to be fully there for him each and every day! I wish I’d figured this stuff out before my kids were born!

I love being there to empower moms (and moms to be) to help them be there for all the things that matter, because I’ve suffered through the suck-fest and come out on the other side, so I know life doesn’t have to be that way. Our roles as women and moms are so monumental, and how amazing it is when we feel great performing all of our roles (especially the most important ones, like mommying).

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