Little rant here today.

I love old people. Really, I do. They’re funny, uninhibited, and fun to talk to. They’ve lived so much life and often have such sage, practical advice. But not always. Sometimes their advice is just plain dumb. Here’s an example:
As I was walking my dog, this guy (👆🏼) came out of a restaurant and said, “I like your legs.” 😳 I’ll be honest, his energy was really, really creepy. Like, the serial killer on Criminal Minds kinda creepy.

Me: “Thank you.” What else was there to say?
He continued, “Does HE like your legs too?”
Me (a little confused as I assumed he must’ve been referring to my dog, but thinking what an odd question): “My dog? I’m not sure.”
Him: “NO! Your boyfriend.”
Me: “I don’t have a boyfriend.”
Him (looking incredulous and spitting the words): “Well maybe you should get rid of your dog so you can get one.”
Me (🤔): “Hell no! If a guy doesn’t love me because I have a dog, then he’s not worth my time.” 🙄

This struck me because it was almost the exact same story a single friend told me happened to her a few weeks ago, except with her it was a friend’s boyfriend who offered the unwelcome and unsavory advice.

1. You do not have to be in a relationship in order to be complete, as this advice so clearly implies. And you’ll continue to be the same badass complete self when and if you stumble upon your perfect partner one day and decide to become a team.
2. You are not defined by your relationship status.
3. Self-love is so important in this game called life. Love yourself enough to let the silly unwelcome advice of people roll off your shoulders. Be you. Love you. Because there will only ever be one perfect you…boyfriend, partner, spouse or not.

Rant over.
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