The mess I made making my butter mushroom coffee with my new immersion blender was smaller this morning on day three than it was on days one and two. I call that a win.

Isn’t that how everything is in life? When you try something new, there is a learning curve involved. We tend to give up on things when we don’t see immediate success…if we’re not good at something new right away, and if it seems just plain hard.

Failures are great teachers, but we can’t learn from those teachers if we give up before we even start with proclamations of “I’m not good at that”. This applies to literally everything, including making changes in lifestyle habits, work habits such as scheduling your day (something I’ve been giving a lot of attention to), meditation practice (it’s called a PRACTICE) for a reason, playing an instrument, cooking, etc.

If you want to make a change to your lifestyle or learn something new, but you’ve been avoiding it because you think it’ll be too hard or you won’t be good at it, you’re making an excuse my friend. Success doesn’t come to those who quit.

When I was a classroom teacher I used to say to my classes at the start of every year, “We are going to do very hard work in this classroom this year, because I’m not going to insult you by giving you easy work. Smart is not what you already are, it’s what you get by working hard.” When a student would whine about something being hard, I would exclaim, “That’s great! I told you we would do hard work in here this year, and I’m keeping that promise. You’re getting smarter!” There was no expectation of perfection, just effort.

When we start to view failure as an opportunity for growth, that’s when the real magic begins to happen.

Someday soon, I will have the perfect butter mushroom coffee without needing to clean up a mess on the counter. Until then, I’ll just enjoy what’s remaining in the cup.

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