‘Tis the season…for shopping and wrapping and baking and…STRESS!

I spent the better part of this past year, going through my house and garage room-by-room, in an effort to reduce my belongings by about 80%. My goal was to include in my living space only things that I love. Over the course of 20 years with family and life, things add up. Drawers, cabinets, & closets get filled.

I got rid of EVERYTHING that no longer sang to my heart. Everything. As I went through this process I began to feel lighter and freer. The less “stuff” I had, the lighter and freer I felt. It was literally detoxifying! From this experience, I realized the impact that having a lot of STUFF has on our STRESS levels.

It was my mission to keep only those items that I loved enough to include in my new space. I can’t tell you how light it feels being in this new space that is free of clutter and excess stuff. And I plan to keep it that way, so I have become extremely mindful of every purchase I make and the “stuff” that I allow to enter my home!

As I was standing in line at TJMaxx last week waiting to purchase a small necessity for my home, I suddenly became aware of all the enticing “stuff” that was strategically placed in the line to the checkouts. I realized that I didn’t have even the slightest interest in browsing through any of it. It was all virtually uninteresting to me…all the candles and socks and decorations. All the pretty stuff. The stuff that ends up filling drawers and cabinets and closets. Stuff I don’t need, and neither, probably do you.

I LOVE giving gifts. However, I’ve begun to focus on gifts that are either consumable or needed and have moved away from gifts for the sake of a gift.

Is your excess “stuff” causing undue STRESS in your life? I challenge you to be mindful of what you bring into your personal space, as well as what you contribute to the personal spaces of others because when you focus on surrounding yourself only with things you need and love, you’ll feel a whole lot lighter…and less stressed! Oh, and did I mention that stress is a major contributing factor to health issues?

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