I birthed these boys. Really, I did. I cooked them each in my belly for nine whole months and squeezed them out a relatively tiny hole. 🤷🏻‍♀️ And I have the stretch marks to prove it. Just keeping it real.

For years I hid those stretch marks under one-piece bathing suits because I was so self conscious of them. I’m not gunna lie, I still hate the damn things, and if there were a magic eraser you can bet your bottom dollar I’d erase them in a heartbeat. Sometimes vanity just has to prevail. Real talk.

BUT…disliking those marks as much as I do does not mean that I don’t LOVE the body I’m in! At 45 I am more comfortable with my body than I was in my 20s and <especially> 30s. I don’t think that coming clean about not loving a certain aspect about my body is a bad thing, nor that it implies self-loathing. It’s being honest, and keeping it real. Because I like to be real. It’s sorta like how you can love your children or significant other to the moon and back but certain things about them just grate on your last nerve. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Amiright? And I’ll bet some of you moms out there can identify with me on this.

I no longer hide the marks I don’t love under one piece bathing suits. I have no qualms about wearing that two-piece at the beach or sporting the sports bra at the gym, because I love the body that I’m in despite the perceived imperfections that I would prefer doing without. And I have to remind myself that those marks are EARNED! 👊🏼

What I love most about the body I’m in today is not the outward appearance of it, but rather that I feel GOOD every day and have the energy to keep up with and do cool shit with my grown boys. Like Spartan races, hiking, traveling, and cliff jumping. This is the stuff that REALLY matters as a mom. But there was a time when I didn’t think I’d be here to do those things with my grown boys.

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