I’ve been making a point to get outside as early in the day as possible to expose my body and eyes to natural daylight. I’ve also been avoiding wearing sunglasses whenever possible so that my eyes are getting unblocked exposure to the light. This helps to stimulate the natural production of the #neurotransmitter #serotonin which helps to regulate mood, feelings of #happiness and helps to prepare me for a good night’s #sleep. Who knew that a good night’s sleep started shortly after waking up? Sometimes I do a walking #meditation but often I use it as an opportunity for learning and personal growth, listening to my favorite podcasts and audiobooks so that I can be the best version of me and the best #healthcoach to my clients. This morning’s podcast was an episode about pushing through #fear on #thebrendonshow and I think you should give it a listen! 👂 (at San Diego, California)